Monday, March 16, 2009

Vineyard Tours at Cerro Prieto Vineyard & Cellars

(Eco) Vineyard Tours at Cerro Prieto
By Appt: 805-226-8448/ cell: 674-0826
Fee: $25/ person for 30-45 minute tours. (longer tours available by special request)
Includes Eco measures discussion and demonstration, PLUS:
Identification of different varietals by leaves and their grape clusters
Pruning and thinning: everything you ever wanted to know and more, with demonstration (seasonal)
Walk, ride thru vineyard and several miles of trails in 6 X 6(when available---this is a working vineyard)
Walk thru rows with cover crop, flora, and fauna identification, wildflower tour(spring), fern grotto
Demonstration of irrigation and fertigation
Learn about erosion control in a straight up/ down vineyard setting; learn about terracing
Demonstration of bud break, bloom, and fruit set(March, April, May)
Verasion demonstration(in season), and significance
Brix demonstration with grape tasting(Sept/Oct)
Harvest tours(Sept/ Oct)
Fossils/ geography/ topography tour and discussion of soil types and significance
Bird identification: these birds have all been identified in our vineyard
Hawks: Redtail, Peregrine, Red Shouldered, Cooper’s, Kestrel, Sharp shinned hawk
Owls: Barn owl, Great Horned owl, and Western Screech owl(night-time only)
Birds: Blue Jays, (Western and Stellar’s) Black-headed Grosbeak, Dark-eyed Junco, Bullock’s Oriole,
Flycatchers (Ash-throated, Olive-sided), Anna and Allen’s Hummingbirds, Quail, Dove,
Towhees(California and Spotted), Western Meadowlark, Band-tailed Pigeon, Titmouse,
Swallows( Barn, Cliff, and Violet Green), Woodpeckers(Downy and Nuttall’s),
Finches, (Purple and House), Sparrows( White-crowned and Song), Red-breasted Sapsucker,
Merriam’s and Rio Grande turkeys(early morning first light only)
Demonstration of grape protection from varmints and birds( netting, bird distress calls, hawk calls)

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